To install the latest version, run

$ npm install -g synvert

This will install synvert-javascript, along with synvert-core-javascript and other dependencies.


Now you can use synvert to convert your javascript code.

$ synvert-javascript -h
Write javascript code to change javascript code

  $ synvert-javascript

  -g, --generate=generate  generate a snippet with snippet name
  -h, --help               show CLI help
  -l, --list               list snippets
  -r, --run=run            run a snippet with snippet name
  -s, --show=show          show a snippet with snippet name
  -v, --version
  --enableEcmaFeaturesJsx  enable EcmaFeatures jsx
  --path=path              [default: .] project path
  --showRunProcess         show processing files when running a snippet
  --skipFiles=skipFiles    [default: node_modules/**] skip files, splitted by comma
  --sync                   sync snippets
Sync snippets

snippets are available on github, you can sync them any time you want.

$ synvert-javascript --sync
List snippets

List all available snippets

$ synvert-javascript -l
Show a snippet

Describe what a snippet does.

$ synvert-javascript -s javascript/trailing-comma
Run a snippet

Run a snippet, analyze and then change code.

$ synvert-javascript -r javascript/trailing-comma

It’s recommended that you use version control software like git, after using synvert, you can use check what changes synvert does to your javascript code.

You can write your own snippets then load them by --load.

Show processing files when running a snippet.

$ synvert-javascript -r javascript/trailing-comma --showRunProcess

Enable EcmaFeatures jsx.

$ synvert-javascript -r javascript/trailing-comma --enableEcmaFeaturesJsx

Skip files.

$ synvert-javascript -r javascript/trailing-comma --skipFiles=test/**

Customize path.

$ synvert-javascript -r javascript/trailing-comma --path=/repos/synvert

Generate a snippet

$ synvert-javascript -g javascript/convert-foo-to-bar


Synvert uses espree and acorn, parser helps to parse javascript source code and rewrite acorn nodes, ast is a small library for working with immutable abstract syntax trees. It’s highly recommended to look through these 2 libraries.